At Northside Catholic Assumption Academy, we welcome children of all faiths to learn and grow in a safe and Christ-centered school environment.

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  • Virtual Tour of Various Classrooms by Sr. Carol Ann

    Hello everyone!Here is the link for the basic virtual tour of some of our classrooms. Many rooms were already in the process of being "dismantled" so I could not get every room.When you open the link, if you click on the word to the very left,  a brief description will appear. You can rotate around the room with your cursor.In the Gymnasium and Art Room photos there is a little circle you can click on for another photo/description.In the future we can take more 360degree photos, replace photos, add photos, even add a "talking" link in the room if you want to say something about your room.This is a work in progress, but a good start! I enjoyed doing it! (It was a first for me!)If you do want to say something about your room now, feel free to send me a short link and I can add it.Sr. Carol Ann

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