In order to meet diocesan goals for school fundraising, the Northside Catholic Assumption Academy Fundraising Committee creates opportunities for the parishioners, school families, and community to raise money to contribute to the annual school budget.

Through direct financial support, participation in events, sponsorship, and promotion of fundraising opportunities, parish and community members are invited to help reach annual fundraising goals for the school.  The Fundraising Committee works to broaden the reach of events and sales, as well as increase involvement of interested businesses, families, and individuals in an effort to benefit Northside Catholic Assumption Academy.

Mission Statement

To develop, organize and administer fundraising activities in order to achieve or exceed the necessary fundraising budget amount as required by the Diocese of Pittsburgh Parish School Budget Guidelines.

Time Commitment and Duties

Committee Members meet monthly to plan events, organize family involvement in fundraising, and create new methods of fundraising through brainstorming and open discussion.  In addition to planning and organizing fundraising projects and events, committee members also attend and facilitate all fundraising events.  Neither a background in fundraising nor personal financial support are required to participate on the committee.

Fundraising Events

  • Gala: held in the fall of  each year.
  • Spring Auction: held in the spring of each year. This event features a multitude of Chinese auction baskets valued at over $100.
  • Night at the Races: A winter event during the last week of January each year. Held in Axmacher Hall, this evening of food, friends, fellowship, and fun is a community tradition.  Money is raised through the sale of horses prior to the event, tickets to the event, and betting throughout the evening of the event.
  • Super Bingo: An exciting Bingo experience with larger jackpots and increased participation and attendance.
  • Yankee Candle: benefits the PTG fund.
  • Goodwill Donation Drive and Hearts Full of Shoes held in the spring.
  • Cash Bash and Color Run held in the spring.
  • Various Raffles
  • Benefit Nights are scheduled periodically throughout the year at many great venues. A percentage of your sales is donated back to the school.

In addition to our main event fundraisers various raffles and other sales are held throughout the school year. Brochure sales include Christmas and Easter candy sales plus much more.  Ranging in focus from candy sales to hoagie sales, to Steelers ticket raffles, the committee strives to create opportunities for the school to make money.
Everyday opportunities exist as well. See our Support our School tab for details. The committee strives to create opportunities for the school to meet its fundraising goal.


If you are interested in helping with the fundraising events held throughout the year, or to learn more about any of the events, please feel welcome to contact the office.