Tuition is $3,900 for one student and $4,500 for two or more.

There is a discount provided for families with more than one child attending Northside Catholic Assumption Academy. Financial assistance is available through diocesan and private foundations.

Scholarship monies are available for eligible families. The FACTS Management application is used. An independent evaluator assesses these applications. This one application is used for Scholastic Opportunities Scholarships (SOS) and the Bishop’s Education Fund (BEF), as well as the OSTC (which includes money from Extra Mile). It must be filed annually by March 15th. Application forms are available online through the website and through the Diocesan website. ¬†Other possible scholarships are available through the Kremer Foundation and the Bridge Corporation. These scholarships are based on financial eligibility and are made available through the principal when offered to the school.

To learn more, please contact the school office.