At Northside Catholic Assumption Academy, we welcome children of all faiths to learn and grow in a safe and Christ-centered school environment. Students from across the street and across the city are invited to Enter to Learn, and Leave to Serve.

Celebrating Your Parish

Northside Catholic Assumption Academy benefits all year long from the religious guidance, prayers and support parishes provide. Many parishes join in the National Catholic Schools Week celebration by devoting a Mass to Catholic education. School starts the week by inviting parishioners and community members to parish-centered events and school open houses that feature their outstanding academic programs, religious education and service opportunities.  Click here to be connected to Christ Our Savior Parish site.

Celebrating Your Community

A central aspect of Catholic education at Northside Catholic Assumption Academy is learning the importance of service to others. When students take part in service activities—both local and beyond—they demonstrate the values and faith they gain through their Catholic education and learn how to make the world a better place. When they observe how others serve the community, they gain an appreciation for how they can continue to serve others their entire lives.

Celebrating Your Students

Northside Catholic Assumption Academy celebrates students during National Catholic Schools Week by planning enjoyable and meaningful activities for them and recognizing their accomplishments. They encourage students to reflect on the benefits of Catholic education and how the grounding in faith, knowledge and service it provides will help them throughout their lives.

Celebrating Families

Parents, guardians and other family members play a vital role in the education at Northside Catholic Assumption Academy. Not only do they volunteer at the school, they instill values and expectations for academic excellence in their children at home. We acknowledge the role of families in Catholic education and celebrate their contributions to the success of our schools on the last day of National Catholic Schools Week, and all year long.

Profile of Graduates

When a student graduates from Northside Catholic Assumption Academy, it is our intent as administrator and teachers that he/she will have the following qualities:

  • To be a person with Christian values that will be seen in action and speech. They will engage in Christian service to others which has been promoted and developed as part of the school curriculum.
  • To be a person who is learning to identify and respect his/her own strengths and weaknesses.
  • To be a lifelong learner who enjoys the challenge of new ideas, and the success of figuring them out. They will use problem solving and critical thinking skills they have learned in their future endeavors.
  • To be a person who is developing leadership skills.
  • To be an individual who is NOT a bully and is able to recognize those who are and to be ready to assist others who may be being bullied.
  • To be a person who recognizes their family and Northside Catholic School for helping them develop as young men and women who will become future leaders of our country.


Northside Catholic Assumption Academy was created through the merging of the former Assumption School and Northside Catholic School.

Earlier in the history, Northside Catholic School was created by merging St. Cyril’s and Cardinal Wright Regional School. Cardinal Wright Regional School was formed in the spring of 1998 from the merging of St. Aloysious School in Reserve Township, Most Holy Name of Jesus School in Troy Hill, and St. Peter School in the Central Northside.  It opened its doors in August 1998 with a mission to educate the children of the Northside and surrounding communities in a Christ-centered environment.

When St. Cyril’s church mortgage was paid off in 1928, a zealous crew of fundraisers from the Parish focused efforts on a school.  Construction began in the spring of 1929, and on January 6, 1930, one hundred and two eager children began their Catholic education within its doors.  Educators from the Sisters of Mercy served as the first thirteen principals for Saint Cyril of Alexandria School.  After surviving the Depression, enrollment in the school continued to grow, and a new school was erected, under the leadership of Msgr. Daniel Gearing.  Classes moved, one by one, from the old school to the new, starting with first grade (September 23, 1966).  By November 17, 1966, the entire transition was accomplished, and by October of 1967, the second wing of the school was completed to include the library, health room, teachers’ lounge, and offices.  This, the current school building, was dedicated on December 3, 1967.